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Group Volunteers

Group Volunteering Information

We rely on the support and enthusiasm of our volunteer groups to produce the Boulevard Lakefront Tour. 

We offer a $150 donation to charitable or community organizations that provide groups of 15 or more volunteers for the day of the event. Groups are urged to register early because space is limited.

Below are the requirements for volunteer groups. If you do not meet these requirements, please register to volunteer as an individual here.

Groups should contact the event manager, Tom Velev at [email protected] to register. The group leader will be sent an online registration form. This form is due by July 25th.

Group Requirements

  • Groups must fall under the category of charitable or non-profit organization/agency. Religious and school groups are also welcome. Corporate or for-profit business groups can volunteer but must name a nonprofit organization to receive the group stipend.
  • Groups must provide a minimum of 15 volunteers to qualify for a donation. One volunteer cannot count towards multiple groups.
  • Groups must have a designated leader and a second point of contact who are available by email and phone to receive communication from the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Group leaders are required to schedule a 15 minute training phone call with the volunteer coordinator in the two weeks prior to the event. 

Groups at the Event

Every effort will be made to keep groups together when assignments are determined, but we reserve the right to split groups between duties as is needed. Each group member must check in and check out individually if the group is to receive its stipend.

Group Payment Details

Once the event manager has verified that the required minimum of 15 day-of-event volunteers was met, the donation check will be issued (4 -5 weeks.) Checks will be issued only to an agency/nonprofit organization, not to an individual. A W-9 must be completed in full for payment to be processed. This form requires the agency/organization name, address and Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Group Volunteering FAQ

What are the duties of a group leader? Each group must have a leader and second point of contact. The leader is responsible for registering each team member on their online form and submitting all necessary paperwork. The leader is the team liaison and must communicate important information with all the team members so everyone knows what their duties are and where and when they will be working. Group leaders are required to schedule a 15 minute training phone call with the volunteer coordinator in the two weeks prior to the event to discuss the specifics of the group's assignment.

What are the benefits for group volunteering? All volunteers get a t-shirt and invitation to our annual volunteer party. If 15 volunteers are accounted for and a valid Tax ID Number is submitted, the group will receive a $150 donation to their organization.

What is the age requirement? We require volunteers to be 15 or older. Student/youth groups must have a student to chaperone ratio of at most 8:1. Chaperones will count towards the groups 15 + person total. Youth must be able to handle the physical requirements of working at their station which includes 6 hours of standing, walking, and some lifting. 

What if I have more/less volunteers than I expected? At least 15 volunteers must be registered by July 25. It is highly recommended to have several more in case of last-minute sickness or no-shows. After July 25, changes must be cleared through the event manager so we can ensure the right amounts of volunteers are assigned to each location. If you have less than 15 volunteers who check in and sign out of the event, we are not able to make a donation.

Where and when will we be volunteering? The group leader will be notified at least two weeks before the event the time, location and details on the volunteer tasks for the group. We try to keep groups together but we reserve the right to use group members at different locations.

What do we do when we show up to volunteer? Each volunteer must sign in and sign out with the volunteer manager at your assigned location. Attendance sheets will determine payment to your group.

When will my group get our donation? Checks will be sent within 4 - 5 weeks of the event if the 15 volunteer requirement was met and a valid Tax ID Number was supplied.