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Please note that there will be no rest stops or ride support this year. This event will be entirely self-supported, so make sure you bring any items you need to fix your bike or find an alternative route home.

The Active Transportation Alliance hopes you have a fun, safe time during the Boulevard Lakefront Tour.

All participants will be riding on city streets with car traffic. Please keep the following saeftey tips in mind while riding:

Follow all traffic laws

Stop at red lights

Signal when turning

Do not ride more than two abreast (It’s an Illinois law)

Ride on the right and pass on the left

Say “on your left” to alert riders when you are passing

Do not wear headphones during the ride.

Do not use a cell phone while riding—it’s against the law


Recommend to bring with you on your ride:

Water bottle, bike lock


A spare inner tube, pump and tire levers

Extra snacks for yourself


Get your bike ready to ride

Proper preparation for Boulevard Lakefront Tour will go a long way toward your full enjoyment of Chicago’s best neighborhood bicycle ride. Before the ride, do a safety check to make sure your bike is in good working order, or take it to your local bike shop and have them look it over.